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Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, from now on ALL SESSIONS are in Quantum (Distant) nationally and worldwide. | For a Session you can go ahead and Email at with your reason for session, your age, and a photo. Pick your session and wait for our instructions. Thank You and Stay Safe!

Important Information

The institute releases you major, and necessary hidden to you and the public, information regarding your health and well being when you read VIE’s books.This is why it’s very important that you read these books.

Spiritual growth, vitality and wellness is link to your primary purpose. Life is a game, an adventure to live through, that you have to experience, examine and better understand to restore balance in body, mind and spirit. The end result of infinite growth is to realize Oneness. Therefore the meaning of life is growth in consciousness through mental, physical and mind experiences, like pain, stress, anger, fears illnesses and diseases…

We wish you insightful and instructive reading.


Light & Sound Frequencies are the medicine of the future, and the future is here!

Light and Sound Energy Healing is a form of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) that falls under the category of Mind-Body Therapy

Therapy That is used, in the healing process of health & disease as well as your physical and spiritual works. When most people think about HEALING, they focus on the notion of someone suffering from an ailment or injury who gets better. Getting better is far too limiting a definition of healing. Thinking in that way divests us of our birthright to be in direct communion with God / Love / the Universe; and therefore, to be self-healing beings. HEALING, as we often tend to think of it, may well be about the alleviation of symptoms, diseases, infirmities, and other noticeable hindrances to full functioning. But HEALING is also the restoration of the person to spiritual wholeness. In essence, HEALING is the release or removal of a block or interference that has kept us separate from the perfection of the universe. Yet, HEALING is about our evolution, and also includes the evolutionary restructuring of our DNA and our Reconnection to the Universe on a new Level. “The genetic composition of the body is changing. It is preparing us for the uplift in consciousness.

And there will be many who will not withstand the change of energy pattern from the past. It’s not a punishment it is just that the physical body will not be able to support the change of energy.

Right now opposite forces are out to stop all Spiritual aware people. Only those who have worked on this process will make it. The changing of the cells will be to much for the unprepared. “Those ready will have cells that are crystalline,” Are you sure that you are ready?

Important! Please note that: No behavior or misbehavior is a disease… So cannot be treated by drugs!

The changing of the cells will be to much for the unprepared. “Those ready will have cells that are crystalline” Are you sure that you are ready!

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As you know there is a serious attack on alternative, holistic and complementary healing modalities and all information concerning self-growth and knowledge moving toward the mainstream, awakening people minds, and our reach has been cut, we have a serious attack on our revenue. We have become invisible to our potential clients and readers…Things have become quite difficult and we appeal to the community to begin to stay together and support each other, to support us and we ask everyone to please take a second and just click on the donation link and become a monthly supporter, a one-time donation support or whatever resonates because it is very important for us to continue.

About LED

Light emitting diodes (LED) emits more than light and contains numerous toxic heavy metals including lead, nickel, zinc, copper even arsenic and these chemicals may leach out of its glass housing, (bulb) and the most emissions are from low intensity red light. It is why we do not use LED.


Each set is equipped with superior mineral-based crystalline quality color filters each filter provides 80 percent faster energy transmission compared to LEDs or plastic filters. This precision tool operates on 2.4 v light bulb – a gentle approach to address subtle energy patterns. We at the Institute of Light and Sound adjust, cleanse and balance the oscillation of your Body Naturally through the frequency of the Light and the Sound at Cellular, DNA, Blood level, Immune system, Aura, Chakras. Body, Soul, Spirit: Through the gifts we have received, it is our Joy, a Pleasure, and an Honor to help you and to prepare you for the 3 steps process necessary.

1-You must acknowledge your CREATOR / SOURCE before its to late (HEAL) 2-Clear your karmic past (body must be cleared from stuck energies from the past or will not support the pressure against the physical) (INTEGRATE) 3-Rejuvenate the physical body (you cannot make it without help) (RECONNECT) It is the Perfect balance of Body/Mind and Spirit ,You will be guided to release your emotions, your vibrations will be raised and the necessary strands of DNA required will be reconnected. You will receive a lot of Love from the Source during the process and you will feel lighter. Much, much lighter. It is an alternative healing and you will be very relaxed after each session. Just to name a few, if you had allergies,headache or pain it will be gone. It will lower your blood pressure, help your Blood circulation, help you with any addictions, fears & emotions, Immune system diseases etc… Our Institute approach is Entirely Natural and Safe. The Bio Stimulation Institute of Light & Sound is 100% free of chemical and all our therapies are non invasive to the Body.We will also guide you on how to use Therapeutic grade of Essential oils. (We can sign you as a Young living essential oil member). You will be teach the HO’OPONOPONO Method and the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) and the HPT (Heart Point Technique points) method given by Divine Mother to help and keep you releasing between sessions and guided to much more. We are a Holistic center for transformation and well-being. We work for, and with, the highest government of the Universe. Again we are not a cult or a religion. You are in safe hands. We have the knowledge. Nothing from this dimension but directly from the source. It is a 3 steps process in 5 basic Sessions (minimum suggested)

1: First step it will Heal, erasing stuck emotions from previous lives (Karma), emotions, traumas from life etc…
2: Second step is to Integrate, More light
3: Third Step is the Reconnection.

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We have all heard of the Grids (Grid is like a self-learning computer, one that can program thought, but not think on its own in a consciously way) on our own bodies, such as acupressure points, meridians, and other healing modality references that refer to mapping out of physical points of energy and flow. These meridians are like ley lines (so called for the alignment of ancient megalithic structures and monuments) of the body, directed energy and power, and requiring balance for optimal health and well-being. All mater, both physical and subtle, has frequency and matter of different frequencies can co-exist in the same space. Like the etheric and the physical bodies, being of different frequencies overlap and coexist in the same space. Atlanteans recognized that the source of disease lay not in the physical body but in the higher body and therefore they have always cured the higher body, instead of the physical. Now! Color is Power. Color is light of fixed frequency in oscillatory medium, endowed with spiral gyrations. Light when pulsed at a particular frequency can cause the brain to also perceive images, intricate patterns, shapes and colors. Our five senses drive our day-to-day existence, but if the light is just right, or the sound just so, could this trigger a new sense of awareness to another realty? Has the answer been with us the entire time? This may sound very New age and metaphysical, but we must remember that the body is an electrical system of sorts. This is what traditional medicine does not recognize or acknowledge, though it is beginning to change for various reasons. As we are energy and frequency drugs can alleviate, relief but do not heal. (Bio-Light Qi )harmonizes the bio-energy and the internal color equilibrium. (yin& yang energy) of the client and restores an optimal level of integration of energy between the elements of Body, mind, spirit

Our Reaction to Color: Bio-Light Qi harmonizes the bio-energy and the internal color equilibrium. (yin& yang energy) of the client and restores an optimal level of integration of energy between the elements of Body, mind, spirit. Bad light conditions, denatured nutrition, artificial light, electro-magnetic pollution and every day stress are already enough to weaken the life energy that is color vibrations of the cells and eventually lead to physical and mental illnesses. Through the radiation of the correct colors on the reflex zones/acupuncture points, the bio-energy of the cells and the meridians energy points can be corrected. Subsequently, the physical, emotional and mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well being is restored. As Color affects us physically and psychologically, directly and indirectly and from a combined psychological, physiological, and spiritual perspective, from both the psychological and physiological perspective color affects us directly when it enters the eye and is transmitted to the emotional center of the brain the hypothalamus. This in turn affects the pituitary gland the gland that controls the entire endocrine system the network of glands including the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovaries, and testes.

The thymus gland, pineal gland, and kidney are sometimes considered endocrine organs. They all release hormones into our bodies, hormones are protein messengers that help cells talk to each other. The endocrine system can affect moods and could account for Seasonal Affective disorder or S.A.D, it also affects sex drive, energy levels, and weight gain to name a few.

Scientific evidence recently shows that thymus is another master gland in addition to the pituitary, which acts as the body’s light meter receiving light activated information from the hypothalamus. Its activity is activated by light changes and the earth’s magnetic field and is part of our biological body clock that adjusts to varying lengths of daylight. It is now recognized as the regulator of regulators controlling sexual function, growth, and aging, blood pressure, motor activity, sleep by the production of melatonin. It is commonly known that sunlight also has the effect of vitamin D through ultra violet radiation acting on the skin. However, photosensitive people can react to sunlight and develop a skin rash, but sunlight can be used to treat other skin conditions such as psoriasis.

The pineal gland has long been associated with spirituality and described as the third eye through which information to the body’s energy centers are passed. When we get an imbalance of colored light frequencies all the above bodily functions and our daily rhythms can be is thrown out of synchronization with our needs to maintain our physical and mental health. It is also about adjusting the body’s oscillations by Sound and color Light. All body cells have membrane like characteristics that are capable of acting as sound receiver. Our bodies are living bio-oscillators and are like crystal set receiver and can absorb vibrations of sound. Each organ in the body corresponds to a specific color. Each parts of the body (cells, tissues, organs) has its own frequency response. The use of the spectra-Light “crystal” color lenses (Not tinted, not gel, Not plastic) applied to acupuncture, meridians points, and combines to sacred geometric forms (as we are Holographic body of Light) achieve all kind of healing naturally: stress, sinus, pain, cold, pneumonia, fatigue, diabetes etc…Sound healing offers profound results, which can be subtle and/or instantaneous for those ready and willing to receive healing. Sound healing clears whatever is stopping the life force from flowing and creates optimum health throughout the bodies.The Healing through Sound & Music (specific tones) When blocks are removed, your whole beings returns to balance. And better health is then restored. A way of achieving prime health and happiness by eliminating blocks which keep us in patterns of self sabotage and ways of holding ourselves back from living our full potential and Joy.


We are made of Light and pure energy and all Human are energies and vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies. Like divine notes in the symphony of the Universe. Acknowledge we are part of the symphony of the spheres. Humans are a species with amnesia, and often you forget who you are. And you cannot achieve it without Divine help. The history of healing with color is very extensive and most impressive. The results of Light, Sound & Color use are so convincing, that one must eventually conclude that all healing begins and ends with it. Records taken from the PYRAMIDS reveal the use of Colors in healing, among the EGYPTIANS a very highly advanced system and to have given excellent results.
The ROSICRUCIAN SOCIETY with its highly developed knowledge of esoteric teachings has used this form of healing successfully since the 15th century. Dr. Edwin D. BABBITT (later 15th century) wrote the Principles of Light and Color and Colonel DinshahPsadiGhadali developed Color healing to an exceptionally high degree. The writings of Edgar CAYCE provide additional evidence that Color has many healing qualities. The many writings, results, and conclusions are so impressive. Indeed extensive research and experience into this highly effective system of healing over many years with actual cases of every variety has already advanced Color Therapy to a high peak of efficiency.
“All during the time of its development results have constantly proven that LIGHT and SOUND THERAPY is superior in every form of medication, shots, chemotherapy or surgery and with absolutely no adverse side effects. In spite of the extensive development of successful use in healing, the Orthodox Medical Authorities have constantly denied its worth and persecuted those who chose to use and spread the available knowledge about it. But luckily the rapid spread of LIGHT and SOUND THERAPY around the world continues and in spite of all attempts to stop it because The Truth will not be denied. From author Stanley Burroughs” With Light and Sound sessions, you can now discover your Soul purpose, your destiny, and be prepared for the important energy shift of our Planet. It will take you on a fascinating voyage of inner discovery when you gain this profound depth of understanding. The human body is a wonderful matrix of light and color! From our skin to our core, we are made of light and light. The DNA within the center of the nucleus of each cell of the body has been shown to emit light. (Our work is Spiritual not religious)The language of Light is cosmic Light intelligence that is carried in color Streams of consciousness and it is a place where everything is possible. As the world consciousness rises in awareness and vibration, we must do all that we can on a personal level to join in this transformation. Choose the Spiritual path and you will learn to experience Joy. A tranquil mind is not a little gift. You can achieve peace and Joy. Awake from your dream & take charge of your destiny. Your resurrection is in your reawakening.You have a chance of finding your way through the veils of forgetfulness, back to where you belong.

The path we are laying out starts with an integrated personality, which I call your “higher self”. This is a personality, the “YOU” that can express the qualities of your soul and Divine Self in your daily life to assist you in working with aspects of your personality, to integrate them so that you are able to clear blockages, stop resisting your growth, and move out of stuck places. Our “work” has nothing to do with Religion. In light & Love.

Disclaimer: Light & Sound, Energy healing, does not intend to replace the advice or care of a medical professional. Anyone suffering from any disease, illness or injury should consult a physician. No medical claims are maid or implied, or diagnosed.


Biostimulation is a different Type of Medicine. Biostimulation is similar to taking a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other types of dietary supplements; it enhances the human body’s inherent mechanism to repair itself, fend off harmful organisms, and maintain healthy metabolism. The immune system response is directly enhanced by light Therapy that is Biostimulation in its purest form.(Medical biostimulation is not new)


It increases blood circulation, reduces the incidence of infectious organisms, diffuses inflammation, relieves pain, stimulates cellular activity and growth in both soft tissue cells, such as those of skin, and hard tissue cells, such as bone cells. It also stimulates acupuncture points in a fast and simple way.


Light and Biostimulation:

It is an alternative to drugs, Biostimulation means that light energy is used to enhance the body’s inherent capacity to heal itself. this type of healing differs from conventional medicine commonly practiced by allopathic physicians in our society. Often, alternative medicine is sought because people are suffering from the syndrome called, ‘My doctor said everything is fine, then why do I feel so bad?’ Because longer lasting success only comes from treating causes of illness not just the symptoms. Many drugs actually suppress the immune system rather than stimulate it. They are poison to the body.


Energy Medicine is modulating the Human bio-energy and can be used as both, a boost for Spiritual development and as body Therapy. As a body Therapy to address a specific physical ailment. And it is, indeed, the medicine of the future.
In the Human beginnings, it was all there was. It is how Christ Healed. And when the time comes, soon very soon, it will be the only medicine that remains and has endured at all time. “Through the radiation of the correct colors,with the right frequency and the adequate geometric form, on the reflex zones the Bio-Energy of the cells and the meridians energy points can be corrected. Subsequently, the Physical, Emotional and Mental blockages dissolve and a sense of well being restored”


As human beings we are going through a transitional period from a carbon based to silica or crystalline based form. We have found that herbal supplements were sufficient before the shift, but not anymore. There is only one disease: An unbalance at the cellular level & when our cells are in “chaos” unbalance we feel it as symptoms. Two things that causes unbalance at molecular level.

1- Toxicity can cause it at atomic level: pesticides,food preservatives,mercury…
2- Deficiency (even of frequency) can cause unbalance at the cellular leveland the immune system down.

At the bio-institute of Light and Sound we perform accurate assessment using the latest in biofeedback technology. This allows us to address the problem at the source without you wasting time and money.We speak directly to the body and the body relays to us what it needs at this time. Our Work is Spiritual and Holistic, not Religious, and it is a Gift for You as life in its generosity gave us these great Gifts and it is our joy to share it with You. It is a blessing, knowledge and a gift from the Creator. We have an energy exchange at the heart center. We both channel the Divine Light, Love & the Healing Sound so please understand that you cannot be helped if you do not believe in God. We are the GOD DUO, we are his warriors. We Love you very much!
Save your Soul, Save others! Wear our “Reconnective Light Beads” you’ll love their frequency!