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Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, from now on ALL SESSIONS are in Quantum (Distant) nationally and worldwide. | For a Session you can go ahead and Email at with your reason for session, your age, and a photo. Pick your session and wait for our instructions. Thank You and Stay Safe!


Purpose of these books: Each volume of VIE books takes you on a spiritual trip for your growth and well being. Which are powerful steps to your personal journey presented in a pleasant way and must be read in chronological Volume #, or in order beginning with Volume #1. All books are part of series of lessons in expanding your mind and opening up consciousness. All books have been written guided from another realm, sometimes by my higher-self others by entities I am familiar with, or I have gotten in contact with.

The first one “ 9.1.1. Complete Guide To Natural Healing” is about holistic and is the only one that can be read at any time.